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Early in the Saints-Buccaneers game at Tampa Bay, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham(notes) ran out of bounds and bowled over his head coach. Sean Payton fell to the ground and clutched his knee as team officials rushed over to work on him.

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For the rest of the first half, Payton sat on the bench on the sideline with his leg elevated and in a brace. His team kept a wide lane open so that he could see the game, and the assistant coaches made sure no one blocked him.

Saints coach Sean Payton’s leg is wrecked on sideline

Payton had X-rays during halftime, and Fox Sports reported that Payton suffered a broken knee, broken tibia, and a torn MCL. You're reading that correctly. Payton continued to coach with a broken leg and torn ligament. He moved off of the sidelines in the second half but did not leave the stadium, staying in the Saints' locker room to coach the rest of the game.

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