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After the Saints scratched out a victory against the Falcons in the Georgia Dome Monday night, a few of them returned to the field to put a little exclamation point on it.

Jonathan Vilma(notes) and a few other defensive players went out to celebrate on the big Falcon painted at midfield, Terrell Owens-on-the-star style. From

When it was over, several Saints defensive players came back onto the field to pose for group pictures, gleefully celebrated on the Falcons' home field, while a small group of Saints fans cheered from the stands.

"We didn't want to wait until next week to clinch the playoffs," Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma said. "We wanted a remembrance of this. That's why we went out and had our picture taken on the Falcon."

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A classy move? Probably not. Will the Falcons like it? I doubt it (and we know that Roddy White has a tendency to take things personally). And it does feel a little beneath the defending world champions. Less than a year ago, you were dancing with the Lombardi Trophy, and now, you need to celebrate on someone else's logo?

You're the champs. You should expect to beat the Falcons.

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But in the end, it's just a picture. They stood on painted turf and smiled. It's just one of those things that might add a little extra hot sauce to an already-heated rivalry. No more, no less.

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