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Gregg Williams, the man in charge of the reigning Super Bowl champion defense, likes to let opposing quarterbacks know ahead of time that they're in for a pounding.

That's his M.O. these days. He let Peyton Manning(notes) know before the Super Bowl, and he's just put Brett Favre on notice for the 2010 season opener. From Mark Rosen's "Saints Coach Promises Another Beating for Favre" at

Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, is laying down the gauntlet again, telling USA Today "we have to send messages to every offense about how physical it's going to be when they play us ... Those messages are out there, starting with No. 4."

I don't know if Williams does it to fire up his own guys, or to put fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks, but he clearly likes to do it. And it works, too, because the lambasting Favre took was a clear factor in the outcome of the NFC championship game, and they forced Peyton Manning into mistakes in the Super Bowl, too.

One wouldn't think that it would have much of an effect on an old warhorse veteran like Favre, but if he's telling the truth (chuckle) about the condition of his ankle, who knows? Maybe it would have Favre a bit apprehensive about facing the Saints again.

Whatever the reasons, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen(notes) doesn't care for it.

"Those are just meathead comments. You know what, it is what it is. People trying to get their team fired up. They're trying not to let a successful season get to them ... at the end of the day people are going to talk with their pads and we'll see how things happen down in New Orleans."

Indeed they are. And Gregg Williams intends for those pads to say, "Here comes the pain, Brett Favre(notes)."

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