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In recent weeks we've discussed the NFL's inane definition of a catch, the awful rule about calling a timeout before a field goal and how the league reprimands too many players for having fun. We've written about bad coaching and even worse officiating. We've criticized the potential 18-game schedule and wondered what life would be like if the NFL has a work-stoppage next year.

Even though it's the most lucrative sports league in the world and we love it more than anything, sometimes it seems like the NFL isn't doing much right. A decision today may either advance that thinking or reverse it, depending on your opinion.

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The league announced that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller will become the new spokesperson for the NFL. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Miller's first responsibility will be to help promote the upcoming San Francisco 49ers-Denver Broncos game in London.

Either you appreciate the fact that the NFL is using a model to promote the sport or you're baffled why the league would choose now -- right in the middle of the Brett Favre scandal -- to announce this move.

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Dubbed the "SuperFan," Miller is also set to appear in both print and television commercials for the league. The former Victoria's Secret model will be an NFL spokesperson through at least the 2011 Super Bowl.

Miller, a lifelong Niners fan, has already posed for the initial print advertising campaign. You can see the pictures at The Hollywood Reporter's website. 

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