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For the fourth consecutive year, former Washington Redskins guard Russ Grimm is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His exploits on the field might have earned Grimm four trips to the Pro Bowl and three Super Bowl rings but they have yet to earn the current Arizona Cardinals assistant the support of Hall voters. If I were on the fence (which I'm not -- it's a travesty no members of The Hogs are in the Hall), the following story would sway me.

It was told Wednesday by the architect of that famed offensive line, Joe Bugel, who came back to the NFL with Joe Gibbs in 2004 and stuck around for two more seasons to coach the Redskins' tattered offensive line. The legendary coach and raconteur delighted the assembled media Wednesday with various stories, but it was his recollection of the moment when he knew Russ Grimm was a true "hog" that was the best.

From Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog:

We practiced on Wednesday nights. They had a nice little bar in Carlisle, they had chili dogs and stuff like that. So we had [practice] that night and I got in the huddle and it smelled like a brewery. And [Grimm] got a little overheated. And I don't mean to say throw up...but he threw up, and he threw up a hot dog. It hit the grass." ...

... Grimm "picked that wiener" off the ground. The ball boys got nauseated, and one said "Mr. Grimm, you can't do that." And Grimm blew on the hot dog, shook it off, and then popped it back in his mouth.

"Can't waste a good dog now," he said.

Like any good reporter, Steinberg's follow-up was to ask how it was possible for a man to "upchuck" an entire hot dog. Not missing a beat, Bugel stated that it was possible because Grimm swallowed them whole so he could get to the next one on his plate.

You hear that, HOF voters? What about you, Buffalo Bills? Try telling me Russ Grimm doesn't deserve a bust in Canton or a head coaching job after that tale.

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