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Tony Romo(notes) doesn't do much that isn't high-profile, but his relationship with 24-year-old sports reporter Candice Crawford has been decidedly low-key in the public. Perhaps it's because Crawford isn't famous in her own right like Romo's former flames Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, or maybe it's because Romo has been hurt for the past two months, so there hasn't been opportunity for television cameras to focus on a worried blond looking on from a luxury box.

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Regardless, that's all about to change. Romo, 30, got engaged to the former Miss Missouri on Thursday night, proposing with a massive ring at what had been a celebration of Crawford's 24th birthday.

The two have been dating since last fall, but have managed to keep their relationship off the gossip pages. That's a change from earlier Romo romances, in which every vacation and night out on the town was fodder for US Weekly and TMZ. Crawford has been seen hobnobbing with Kim Kardashian in a private suite at Cowboys Stadium and has been on Romo's arm at public events, but up until Thursday night, I doubt most people knew who she was.

Crawford is the younger sister of "Gossip Girl" actor Chace Crawford and finished in the top 10 at the 2008 Miss USA pageant. She now works at a Dallas-area news station, where she reports on the city's nightlife in addition to hosting a weekend sports show about the Cowboys. 

According to Yahoo! Dallas editor Jason Sickles, Crawford sent this text to a Dallas friend in response to a congratulatory message on Thursday: "Hahah thank you!! He has no idea what he got himself into!! Haha."

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Nor do you, Ms. Crawford. Romo's ex-girlfriend was once blamed for killing the entire Cowboys football season simply for going on vacation and having the audacity to wear his jersey to a game. Let's hope your low-profile keeps the appearance of your team-jinxing to a minimum.

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