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A Colts fan and season ticket holder named Nate Dunlevy runs, a comprehensive and popular Indianapolis Colts blog. Last week, he took part in a conference call between Roger Goodell and Colts fans, and on Twitter, Dunlevy deemed the whole thing a "waste of time."

The transcript of the original conference call is available here, and unless you love Roger Goodell talking points, then yeah, it sounds like a waste.

Commissioner Goodell somehow got wind of the "waste" comment, though, and in response, he reached out and placed a personal phone call to Nate Dunlevy on Monday morning.

Dunlevy asked Goodell some reasonable, specific questions about the lockout, and challenged some of the league's behavior leading up to it. Click over to to read the specifics of the questions and answers. Dunlevy says he tried to write about the conversation as factually as he could, leaving opinion out of it (for now).

But here's a sort of summary by way of snippets:

Mr. Goodell called as a way of showing concern that a season ticket holder since 1997 was upset by the result of the phone call.  He insisted I call him Roger and graciously asked me what questions I had for him.


I found Mr. Goodell to be patient, straightforward and direct.  He directly challenged some of my assertions with fact claims that I simply could not verify in the moment.  He presented himself in a calm, caring, and concerned way.  While I need time to research some of the fact claims that he made, I appreciate the fact that he made fact claims and was in no way evasive.  We spoke for roughly ten minutes.

He's a pretty good talker, that Roger Goodell. That's one of the ways people end up with jobs like "NFL Commissioner."

I guess it's nice that he'll reach out to an unhappy fan and all, but if Roger Goodell really wants the fans to be happy, there's a much more effective way to do it: Talk to his owner pals, convince them to be just a little less money hungry, and make sure we have football in 2011.

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