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I hate writing this kind of post, because there's really no way to not sound like a whiny homer. But that's all right with me. I'll be a homer today. I've got reason to whine today.

Philip Rivers was left off the Pro Bowl roster.

You may not be as upset about this as I am, and I realize that there's a certain segment of the population out there that doesn't recognize Philip Rivers as the pure-of-soul, kind-hearted ray of sunshine that he is. And that's okay.

But fair is fair. Rivers hasn't missed a game and he's got the highest quarterback rating in the league. He's the only guy with a rating over 100.

And yet, six other quarterbacks are going to Hawaii and Rivers isn't? Nonsense, I tell you.

And I'm perfectly willing to play the Pro Bowl Complaint game fairly. If you want to add someone to the roster, you have to subtract someone, too. No problem. So that Rivers could be added, I would subtract ... well, take your pick, actually. I'd take Rivers over any of the three AFC quarterbacks that got the nod.

As I may have mentioned previously, Rivers has the best quarterback rating in the league. Maybe you don't like that stat, and you'd rather judge him on something more tangibly related to the game, like touchdown production. He leads the league with 28, tied with Drew Brees, and I'd also like to add that Drew Brees threw the ball 119 more times to get his 28 TDs.

So maybe you're thinking that the touchdown production and QB rating are inflated because Rivers is some kind of dink-and-dunk quarterback who turns into Kordell Stewart if he's asked to throw the ball farther than seven yards. And you'd be incorrect. Again, Rivers is the best in the league there, averaging 8.23 yards per attempt, tied with Tony Romo.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre is on the roster, with his sub-Cassel QB rating of 86.5 and his league-leading 17 interceptions. Interceptions are still bad, right? Those still count? Favre's 6.8 yards-per-attempt also ranks 20th in the league. Yeah, that says excellence.

Of course, I realize that the decision to add Brett Favre to the AFC Pro Bowl roster was made on the day he was traded to the Jets. I'd argue less about the inclusion of Cutler or Manning, but I'd still argue. Rivers is better than any of them by almost any statistical measure. Other than yards, that is, and Rivers is still pretty comparable there, ranking fifth in the league.

Yards, really, are the crux of the issue. Not the yards themselves, necessarily, but the reason Rivers doesn't have as many as Cutler or Manning: the fact that his team wasn't as good, he didn't have the ball as much and didn't have as many opportunities. Rivers is out because his team's relative lack of success is being held against him.

And also because Brett Favre is a gunslinger, he's like a kid out there, he's a grizzly veteran, he loves playing the game and because Wrangler makes Real. Comfortable. Jeans., blah blah blah.

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