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I apologize, Redskins fans. I'm really not trying to pile on your team here, but the shots at owner Dan Snyder just keep coming, and they're landing too squarely to ignore. This time, it's John Riggins's turn, and he's going for the jugular.

"This is almost a hostage situation. This franchise has been taken hostage by someone who has the mindset of a child. Because everything revolves around them, and it's going to be difficult until that mental adjustment is made; that adjustment in personality. But that's going to be a lot of sessions on the couch with somebody."

If you missed some of the earlier festivities from Kick Daniel Snyder Where It Hurts Week, check out these comments from John Kent Cooke, and these from Steve Largent. The last 48 hours have had to be pretty tough for Dan Snyder.

One odd little thing about the situation in Washington is that Jim Zorn's become almost sort of a martyr now. If Snyder had fired him two weeks ago, public sentiment would've been, "Good, that guy's a loser. Wait until the off-season when we get some big name coach in here!"

But by waiting, and then bringing in Sherm Lewis to take away his playcalling duties (or, as Riggo describes the process, "castrating Zorn, one teste at a time"), Snyder's turned Zorn into a sympathetic figure. Over the last week or so, it really feels like the hatred has shifted significantly from Zorn to Snyder. 

Riggo did it in his radio spot, and Largent and the host of he show in Seattle did it yesterday: The feeling for Zorn right now is sympathy. The feeling for Snyder seems to be universal, intense contempt.

Gracias, The Huddle.

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