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September 14, 2010

Rex Ryan, still talking

Clearly, an offseason of relentless gasconading followed by an opening week of relentless offensive ineptness will not stop Rex Ryan from talking. He's already got Darrelle Revis locking up Randy Moss in advance of the Jet's Week 2 clash against the Patriots. Via Manish Mehta at The Jets Stream:

“There’s only one guy in this league that can cover Randy Moss(notes),” Rex Ryan told The Daily News. “And that’s Darrelle Revis(notes). Nobody else.”


“Randy Moss beats you for touchdowns. Randy Moss is a stud. Him and Chad Johnson, you better double them. Well, we don’t have to. That’s what Revis brings for us.”

Maybe that's true (though Randy Moss might argue with you), but is Revis vs. Moss really anyone's big concern? The bigger story from Monday night was Kyle Wilson(notes) or Antonio Cromartie(notes) vs. anyone. Cromartie did make one tremendous play, but outside of that, he and Wilson were the soft, sweet, cake-like portions of the defense.

If Joe Flacco(notes) and the Ravens coaching staff were able to recognize and exploit soft spots in the secondary, what are Tom Brady(notes) and Bill Belichick going to do? If it's Revis on Moss all day long, as Ryan promises, then, well, you might want to get Wes Welker(notes) in your fantasy line-up.

Also, there's offense. The Jets are going to need an offense. That part of the game is kind of important, too.

Still, bless Rex Ryan's heart. Nothing's going to shut him up, and whether or not you enjoy the yapping, it's hard to deny that it does add a layer of interest to all Jets games. Patriots vs. Jets is big enough, but Ryan's mouth only raises the stakes. If the Jets win, they're a cocky new force in the league, and if they lose, Ryan makes himself and his team look like loudmouth chumps who can't back it up.

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