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UPDATE: Tuesday in a special video message on the team's Facebook page, Rex revealed the meaning of the new tattoo.

My new tat means 'Believe in yourself'. Which I've got no problem doing.


Those two sentences made up the entire contents of the six-second video. If that's the tattoo's only purpose, I'd argue that it was unnecessary. Anyone who watches Rex Ryan speak for six seconds can easily tell that he believes in himself quite a bit.


The New York Jets officially opened training camp Monday morning, and to mark the occasion, Mark Higgins, the Jets' executive vice president of business operations, tweeted the following regarding head coach Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan opens training camp with a new tattoo

And the image ...

Rex Ryan opens training camp with a new tattoo

Rex Ryan is 48 years old. If that tattoo is real, Rex is sort of ahead of his time. In 2041, there will be a lot of 48-year-old men with that same tattoo, but for them, it will probably be because 30 years prior, they had 12 Red Bull and vodkas at an Evanescence concert, and decided that that tattoo was the perfect way to cap off the night.

In a way, I admire Rex's new ink, though. I say if you want some sort of vaguely tribal nonsense on your leg, then go for it. It might not be age appropriate. It might not be conventional behavior. But when has conventional ever been Rex Ryan's style? And why should it be? Do you, coach.

The only surprise here is that, given Rex's annual Super Bowl prediction, he didn't go the Jason Terry route and get the Lombardi Trophy inked into his leg.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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