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The New York Jets know just what it takes to get fans even more excited for the team's most anticipated home game of the season: An unethusiastic, rambling phone message from Rex Ryan.

Season ticket holders received a recorded call from the rookie head coach today imploring fans to cheer loudly for the team in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

You hear that, Jets fans? Being a 12th man isn't good enough for Rex Ryan. He wants you to be the 13th, nay, 14th man. That's understandable, given that Ryan thinks his team is already facing a huge deficit in both coaching and quarterbacking. Having an extra three guys on his side could come in handy.

It's not like anybody is going to argue that Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady(notes) aren't better than Ryan and Mark Sanchez(notes), but why call attention to that? I mean, when George Clooney introduces himself to women he doesn't say, "look, I admit I'm no Chris Chase, but ..."

Since Ryan has already proven himself to be one of the best quotes in the league, this bland call to arms is vaguely disappointing. It sounds like the message was conceived, recorded and delivered with a span of five minutes after some PR guy walked into Ryan's office and handed him a phone out of the blue. The coach couldn't sound less interested.

What's even the point of this? It's not like fans weren't going to be pumped for the game on Sunday. Is it going to be louder at the Meadowlands when Brady and the Pats face a 3rd and long because Rex Ryan left a message to "help him out" five days earlier? Or is this semi-personal touch all part of the Jets' "viral marketing campaign" designed to entice people to shell out $30,000 for a PSL when the new stadium opens next year? 

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