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Rex Grossman is Mickey Rourke’s favorite quarterback

Makes sense, doesn't it? Wouldn't Rex Grossman(notes) be the favorite NFL quarterback of a man who lives on the edge? Well, renowned actor Mickey Rourke, who once retired from the big screen to try his hand at boxing, has dated a very large handful of starlets in his life, once knocked Chris Jericho out with a left hook, and credits his current well-being to visits to a psychiatrist simply named "Steve," is very much on the Rex for President bandwagon.

Grossman, of course, is the wildly unpredictable Washington Redskins quarterback who was benched during a four-interception performance on Oct. 16 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins' pathetic offense has been no better since John Beck(notes) took over, and it seems that Mr. Rourke has something to say about that.

"Is my favorite quarterback playing or not?" Rourke wondered in a recent interview. "I love [Rex Grossman] — he's Mr. Unpredictable. He can be terribly unpredictable, but that's what I like about him. He's like a trainwreck with balls. And he played at Florida, so I have an affinity for him."

Rex Grossman is Mickey Rourke’s favorite quarterbackWhen told that John Beck would be starting against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in Grossman's place, Rourke hypothesized that perhaps Grossman could come off the bench in the fourth quarter, closer-style, and win the game.

"He can do that, and [Mike] Shanahan's a great coach," Rourke said.

Um … not sure about that last part, but the "trainwreck with balls" description of Grossman is the most apt we've ever seen or heard. We will think of him in this fashion forever onward.

By the way, we're not clear where Rourke's affinity for inconsistent Florida quarterbacks puts him in the eternal Tim Tebow(notes) debate. The interviewer clearly dropped the ball on that one.

(H/T: D.C. Sports Bog)

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