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In a span of 15 seconds on Sunday night, Philadelphia Eagles kick returner Jorrick Calvin(notes) fielded a kickoff by running around in the end zone for no apparent reason, started an unnecessary argument with a Dallas Cowboys opponent, got flagged for unnecessary roughness and was yelled at by his head coach. It was a mesmerizing sequence of events:

I suspect Calvin was trying to run off some time by jogging  in the end zone, based on the assumption that the clock starts when he catches the ball. But here's the thing: Calvin could have run windsprints in the end zone for 20 minutes and it wouldn't have mattered. The clock doesn't start until a player leaves the end zone. He was trying to kill time that couldn't be killed.

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The running around was inexplicable; the jawing was more so. So Alan Ball(notes) bumped into him a little. Was it really worth the overreaction? Didn't Dave Chappelle cover this with his "when keeping it real goes wrong" segments? Plus, what was Calvin yapping about after the play, his shuttle-run prowess? The cleanliness of his visor? His lack of familiarty with NFL rules?

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He started the beef and then got so fired up about it that he was the one who suffered because of it. It's one of the rare occassions in which a player baited himself into drawing a flag. But, hey, I guess it makes more sense than dancing around the end zone.

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