Shutdown Corner - NFL's Hot Clicks breaks the news this morning that The Who will be performing during halftime of Super Bowl XLIV. There was some earlier talk of Bon Jovi playing the gig, but I guess that didn't work out.

Opinions will vary, as they always do. Optimistically, I do believe that The Who has some songs that will make for a fun halftime show -- "Baba O'Riley", "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Who Are You", and "The Seeker", to throw out a few. I'm also assured by Jamie Mottram, who's seen them perform live recently, that The Who can "still bring it."

Myself, I've accepted that the Super Bowl Halftime show just isn't aimed at entertaining me. Or anyone under the age of 40, for that matter. It's aimed at entertaining (or at least not offending), the slightly older, extremely mainstream audience that the biggest television event of the year draws. Four of the last five Super Bowl Halftime acts have been white males in their late '50s or older.

I'm cool with it, but I'm anxious to get everyone else's thoughts. Would you rather have someone a little more current, or are you cool with Roger Goodell only picking bands that are represented in his personal CD collection?

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