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According to a report this morning at, there's a bit of friction within the Eagles organization about whether they should trade or keep Donovan McNabb.

It seems they're getting a lot of offers for the veteran quarterback. Head coach Andy Reid wants to keep him. "The Eagles' brass" wants to move him. In their words:

There are many interested teams out there, but right now the Eagles are not accepting any offers yet.

Sources tell Fox 29's sports department that the Rams are not one of those teams, contrary to some reports.

But we're also being told that trading McNabb is not going to be easy because internally the Eagles' brass wants to move him but Andy Reid does not.

My first thought is to give some free advice to the brass, whoever that might be: Listen to Andy Reid. He's the one on the field, seeing what works and what doesn't. He's the one who sees the quarterbacks working every day. He knows what's going to win you games, if indeed that is your objective.

If you're looking to save money, get younger and rebuild, fine. But if you want to win football games, listen to your football guy.

If true, it makes for an interesting little situation, not only in terms of what happens this offseason, but all the way through 2010. If there is significant friction, and Reid stands firm with McNabb, you've got to think that the "brass" might tie Reid and McNabb's fortunes together, based on their performance next season.

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