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If the Washington Redskins' schedule was any softer it would be on a package of Charmin. If the Redskins were a college team (which, at times, they resemble), pundits would mocking the team's strength of schedule.

As the great Joe Posnanski pointed out this morning on his blog, when the Redskins host the 0-5 Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, it will mark the team's sixth consecutive game against a winless team. I'll repeat that because it doesn't sound as impressive the first time around: So far this season, every team the Redskins have played has been winless at the time of the game. According to STATS LLC, it's the first time in the history of the NFL that this has happened. The last team to have faced five winless teams was the 1954 Giants.

According to some quick math I did in my head my dad (whom I had to call to get help with the equation), the odds of this happening are 1 in 32,768. (Feel free to check this and let me know if our numbers are wrong.)

Here's the way the Redskins schedule has broken down so far, along with their opponent's record at the time:

Week 1 -- at New York Giants (0-0)

Week 2 -- vs. St. Louis Rams (0-1)

Week 3 -- at Detroit Lions (0-2)

Week 4 -- vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3)

Week 5 -- at Carolina Panthers (0-3 -- Note: Carolina had a week 3 bye)

Week 6 -- vs. Kansas City Chiefs (0-5)

Obviously, the Giants were winless because they had yet to play a game. Since then, the Redskins have faced the dregs of the NFL but could only muster a 2-2 record against them. (Which is pretty much all the evidence one should need to pass judgment on the future of Jim Zorn.)

New York excepted, the current combined record of the rest of the 'Skins opponents is 2-22, with the only two wins coming against the Redskins themselves (by Detroit and Carolina). After Sunday, last place Washington will have faced every of their last place peers in the NFC, as well as one in the AFC too.

The streak will end in week 7 when the Redskins host the Philadelphia Eagles, a team with a whopping three wins to its credit thus far.  

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