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You may have seen that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice(notes) threw his first NFL touchdown pass against the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. The Ravens lost that game, 22-17, but it appears as if that play unleashed a monster in the great halfback.

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Not content to outdo Joe Flacco(notes) from a quarterback rating perspective (118.8 to 67.4 — after all, it's tough to top one throw for one touchdown!), Rice hit a recent press conference with a Baltimore Orioles hat.

The big news around Baltimore has been the return of the cartoon bird on the team's caps (in some cities, you take your baseball news where you can get it), but Rice hoped to add to that newsworthy action. When asked whether he was angling for tickets, Rice said, "I was hoping to throw out the first pitch [at a game] — I proved I can throw now!"

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh may have wanted to remind Rice what his primary sport should be in this recent press conference, in which he repeated the word "Football" nine times in 30 seconds.

Nice subliminal message, coach! We're betting that this will keep Rice in the backfield where he belongs, but you have to run him more than five times in a game, as you unwisely did against Seattle.

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