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Doug mentioned earlier this week that retired NFL players will be announcing the second-round picks of their former teams at next week's NFL draft. He also mentioned that there's some amazing talent in the lineup. What he didn't mention is that there's also guys like Brad Hoover(notes).

The "stars" involved in the draft's new wrinkle include talents as disparate as Hall of Famers, NFL record holders and the the fourth guy from the New York Sack Exchange. Shutdown Corner looked at the players for all 32 teams and ranked them in order of best to worst choices:

1. Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders (RB)

2. Cleveland Browns, Paul Warfield (WR)

3. Green Bay Packers, Jim Taylor (FB)

4. Cincinnati Bengals, Anthony Muñoz (OT)

It's not often that the Lions, Browns and Bengals top an NFL list for anything other than draft order, but they're bringing the star power to New York. Warfield's stats have long been surpassed by lesser receivers. In his heyday, he was a force. Munoz is considered one the greatest tackles of all time. Barry Sanders needs no introduction. As for Jim Taylor, I love the idea of bringing back an old-timer rather than a newer guy. Plus, I don't think Brett Favre(notes) would have taken the call from Mark Murphy.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris (RB)

6. Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Lanier (LB)

7. San Francisco 49ers, Dwight Clark (WR)

8. Washington Redskins, Doug Williams (QB)

Harris and Clark were involved in two of the most famous plays in NFL history, Lanier was an eight-time All Pro and Williams played the greatest quarter in the history of football.

9. St. Louis Rams, Marshall Faulk (RB)

10. Chicago Bears, Richard Dent (DE)

11. Denver Broncos, Shannon Sharpe (TE)

12. Arizona Cardinals, Aeneas Williams (CB)

Why aren't Faulk and Sharpe higher? They haven't been out of the game for long and they're on TV all the time. If Rams and Broncos fans want to see them, all they'd need to do is hit "power." (And then turn down the volume.) The '85 Bears will be properly represented by Dent. Aeneas Williams is criminally underrated.

13. Buffalo Bills, Andre Reed (WR)

14. New England Patriots, Andre Tippett (LB)

15. New Orleans Saints, Willie Roaf (OT)

16. Minnesota Vikings, Chris Doleman (DE)

Reed and Doleman both came into the league in 1985. That makes them much older than I thought. Tippett is in the Hall of Fame, while Doleman, Reed and Roaf wait.  (Roaf has to get in, right? If not for his play then for this intro to his Wikipedia page: "Willie Roaf, sometimes nicknamed "Nasty," is a former American football player.")

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Lynch (S)

18. Tennessee Titans, Jevon Kearse(notes) (DE)

19. Oakland Raiders, Willie Brown (DB)

20. New York Giants, Joe Morris (RB)

Joe Morris didn't have the career of some of the players below him on the list (the next two guys in particular), but I feel like he'll get a welcome reception from Giants fans in attendance at the draft.

21. Seattle Seahawks, Cortez Kennedy (DT)

22. Philadelphia Eagles, Troy Vincent (DB)

23. San Diego Chargers, Natrone Means (RB)

24. Atlanta Falcons, Jessie Tuggle (LB)

Random facts about each: Kennedy was named the best athlete to ever wear No. 96 by Sports Illustrated. Vincent won three different NFL Man of the Year awards (Walter Payton, Whizzer White, Bart Starr). Natrone Means business.  Tuggle was pretty mean in Super Tecmo Bowl.

25. Miami Dolphins, Sam Madison(notes) (CB)

26. Baltimore Ravens, Peter Boulware (LB)

27. Houston Texans, Aaron Glenn(notes) (CB)

28. New York Jets, Marty Lyons (DT)

The Jets' defender, Lyons, would be lower if not for his role in this:

Lyons (No. 93) was the business-giver despite the fact that referee Ben Draith called the penalty on Mark Gastineau.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars, Donovin Darius (S)

30. Carolina Panthers, Brad Hoover (FB)

31. Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Herrod (LB)

32. Dallas Cowboys, Charles Haley (DE)

The Jags and Panthers get a pass because they're relatively new franchises. Haley was a phenomenal talent and deserves to have his bust in Canton. Jeff Herrod is in the Ole Miss Hall of Fame and had a fine, if undistinguished, NFL career. Two reasons Haley's last: 1) Isn't he considered more of a Niner? He played eight years in San Francisco and five in Dallas. 2) Surely America's Team could have come up with a better retired star. Alvin Harper was busy?

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