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Raheem Brock skips out on $27 bar tab, arrestedI believe we have a new winner of the category of "Most Bizarre Arrest of the Offseason." Free-agent defensive end Raheem Brock was arrested on Thursday night for skipping out on a $27 bar tab at the Copacabana in Philadelphia.

It's weirder than just that, though, and the main culprit in the story appears to be Brock's ladyfriend, who might not be the most fun date in the world.

I'm going to have to quote extensively from to relay the story accurately. Here we go.

A female server at the Copacabana told that it was the behavior of a woman accompanying Brock that led the defensive end to leave without paying his bill.

"It wasn't even (Brock) that was the issue," the server said. "It was the female he was with, getting angry and wanting to leave.

"The female was mad (because) she wanted something that wasn't on the menu. So she went across the street and got something from another restaurant."

When a manager told her she couldn't bring food from another restaurant inside the Copacabana, the woman became further enraged and Brock and his friends were ultimately asked to leave.

"She got a little colorful and a little angry with me," the server said. "I told my manager that she refuses to wrap it up and refuses to (stop) eating."

Charming! She sounds like a keeper.

As for the bill, Brock and Miss Congeniality eventually agreed to leave the restaurant, but they did so before paying a $27 bar tab. That's when the restaurant called the police. Brock was arrested outside for theft of services and resisting arrest. makes no mention of the woman being arrested or charged with anything, and isn't that just the way things always seem to go?

Brock spent last year with the Seahawks after spending the previous eight with the Colts. He'll be a free agent when we have football again, and it sounds like he might want to consider embracing free agency on the dating scene, too.

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