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Quickish is a new quick-hit, real-time service that tracks the best analysis of the biggest stories in sports. From Quickish's editors, here is a selection of the best proclamations and exclamations, via Twitter, from the first round of the NFL Draft:

1. Carolina: Cam Newton(notes), QB (Auburn)

"Every situation is different. But QBs drafted for their arm strength first have failed so frequently that it beggars belief"
-- Grantland's Bill Barnwell

"No matter what you think about Cam Newton and his father, it seems like they are getting the last laugh. National Title, Heisman and #1 Pick"
-- Goodwin Sport's Nate Jones

"With Cam Newton going #1, QBs now have been selected with the 1st overall pick 11 times in the last 14 drafts."
-- ESPN's Adam Schefter

2. Denver: Von Miller(notes), LB (Texas A&M)

"Biggest warning I heard on Miller: You better let him just rush, and not get too crazy with his role. That'd mean he's likely a DE with Fox."
-- NFL Network's Albert Breer

"On third downs, Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil(notes) will be bookend pass-rushers for John Fox."
-- SI's Peter King

"So the Broncos drafted a linebacker in the 1st Round two years in a row. Only last year they had the guy play quarterback."
-- Sports Pickle

3. Buffalo: Marcell Dareus(notes), DT, (Alabama)

"Dareus, Kyle Williams will be a load for the Pats' rebuilding interior OL to block."
-- SI's Peter King

"The Buffalo Bills welcome DT Marcell Dareus to the AFC East. Certainly will help a terrible run defense. Like the pick a lot."
-- Boston Globe's Greg A. Bedard

"i said "typically" 3-4 ends aren't impact guys. the ones who have been are built completely different from dareus."
--'s Jim Trotter

4. Cincinnati: AJ Green(notes), WR (Georgia)

"Is it me, or did AJ Green not look thrilled to be picked by the Bengals?"
-- Columbus Dispatch's Ken Gordon

"AJ to Cinci? Let us be the first to congratulate OchoCinco as the newest Jet receiever."
-- The Jets Blog's Brian Bassett

"Worse punishment for AJ Green: Missing 4 games for selling jersey or playing 4 years for the Bengals?"
--'s Stewart Mandel

5. Arizona: Patrick Peterson(notes), CB (LSU)

"Arizona to Philly: 'There's your cornerback. We like your quarterback. Maybe meet for a milkshake, coffee? Just hang out?'"
-- ESPN's Chris Sprow

"Patrick Peterson makes 4 of 5 picks from SEC."
-- ESPN's Pat Forde

"interesting pick.. remember all the losses on defense in FA last yr for AZ? dansby, antrel rolle? and the Texans hearts are broken at #5"
-- ESPN's Trey Wingo

6. Atlanta (from Cleveland via Trade): Julio Jones(notes), WR (Alabama)

"Holy crap did Atlanta give up a lot of picks. I wonder if Mike Smith(notes) and Julio Jones will don the wedding garb for an ESPN Mag shoot ..."
-- Former AOL FanHouse NFL Blogger Bruce Ciskie

"Falcons needed to get more explosive. Done. Dimitroff's work building that roster -- few holes left -- gives them flexibility to do it."
-- NFL Network's Albert Breer

"I love this trade for the Browns. An extra 1, 2, & two 4's? That's how bad teams get better."
-- SI's Ross Tucker

7. San Francisco: Aldon Smith(notes), DE (Missouri)

"First surprise of the top of the round: Niners take Missouri DE Aldon Smith. Blaine Gabbert(notes) has fallen a bit here."
-- Newsday's Bob Glauner

"One of ESPN's Areas of Concern for Missouri DE Aldon Smith (selected by 49ers at 7): 'Just a puppy.'"
Daily News' Manish Mehta

8. Tennessee: Jake Locker(notes), QB (Washington)

"Jake Locker? When did the Titans become the Redskins?"
-- Yahoo! Sports' Maggie Hendricks

"Jake Locker to Titans... and the world rips up their mock drafts. Guess Locker didn't lose so much by staying in school"
-- Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport

9. Dallas: Tyron Smith(notes), OT (USC)

"Dallas selects Tyron Smith; Dallas hadn't selected an OT in the first 2 rounds since 1999"
-- ESPN's Chris Mortensen

"Tyron Smith looks the part & is a physical phenom but he's not mean enough for me. I like guys that want to really punish people."
-- SI's Ross Tucker

10. Jacksonville (from Washington via Trade): Blaine Gabbert, QB (Missouri)

"Bet the #Jaguars are shocked Gabbert was available here. Someone here told me weeks ago he thought Gabbert would go No. 1 overall"
-- Florida Times-Union's Tiana Ganguli

"For the second straight year, Jags shock the world at number 10 (2010: Alualu)."
-- SI's Peter King

"Jags taking Gabbert. This has unfolded beautifully for Shanahan and Co. Ther QB will still be there. Curious to see what they get."
-- Washington Post's Rick Mease

11. Houston: J.J. Watt(notes), DE (Wisconsin)

"Houston drafts some real power by picking Watt! #Imsosorry"
-- SB Nation's Spencer Hall

"on watt: transferred cuz he wanted to play defense. sat out a year and delivered pizza to pay for school: hardcore"
-- ESPN's Trey Wingo

12. Minnesota: Christian Ponder(notes), QB (Florida State)

"Christian Ponder to Minnesota draws huge gasps from the Radio City Music Hall crowd."
-- SB Nation

"And Christian Ponder's stock has SOARED. I said first rounder earlier today... but I meant his girlfriend"
-- Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport

"When @DannyOBrien5 told me Christian Ponder would be a top 15 pick this afternoon I laughed in his face...I apologize bro"
-- Maryland Terrapins D-Lineman A.J. Francis

13. Detroit: Nick Fairley(notes), DT (Auburn)

"Suh and Fairley on the same D-line. That is unfair and I believe illegal in a couple dozen states."
--'s College Football Talk

"With Suh and Fairley, Lions should lead the league in fines for illegal hits. Which the fans will love"
-- Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel

"Jay Cutler just retired."
--'s Adam Jacobi

14. St. Louis: Robert Quinn(notes), DE (North Carolina)

"Like Robert Quinn. Explosive. Former state wrestling champ. Battled back from a brain tumor. think he's a steal."
-- ESPN's Bruce Feldman

"robert quinn make sense. remember all the DE's that spags had in NYG as the Giants Defensive Coordinator"
-- ESPN's Trey Wingo

15. Miami: Mike Pouncey(notes) (OL), Florida

"The Dolphins have selected Mike Pouncey -- safe pick even if also a slight reach (in my opinion). Miami desperately needs interior linemen."
-- Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington

16. Redskins (From Jacksonville via Trade): Ryan Kerrigan(notes), DE (Purdue)

"Redskins pass on QB and get a pass-rusher, selecting Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan, it appears"
-- Washington Post's Rick Maese

"#Redskins are taking Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan at #16 and will move him to OLB opposite two-time Pro Bowl pick Brian Orakpo(notes)."
-- Former Pro Football Writers of America President David Eflin

"Predicting my mom's reaction to Kerrigan pick: 'I like him. He looks nice.' "
-- Yahoo! Sports' Chris Chase

17. New England (From Oakland via Trade): Nate Solder(notes), OT (Colorado)

"Multiple teams really liked Patriots first-round pick Nate Solder, some as the draft's top OT."
-- ESPN's Adam Schefter

"once again, the patriots take a player no one connected them to. later matt light?"
-- ProFootballTalk's Gregg Rosenthal

"I can see Solder as an extra OT catching those goalline TDs that used to be Vrabel's special."
-- ESPN's Seth Wickersham

18. San Diego: Corey Liuget(notes), DT (Illinois)

"One scout told me he likes Liuget better than Gerald McCoy(notes), the 3rd overall pick last season."
-- Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs

"Was impressed with Corey Liuget against OSU last yr. One of the reasons that game was close. Buckeyes struggled to block him."
-- Columbus Dispatch's Ken Gordon

19. New York Giants: Prince Amukamara(notes), CB (Nebraska)

"Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross(notes), Corey Webster(notes) and Prince Amukamara -- no team in league has more CB depth."
-- ESPN's Adam Schefter

"NY headline writers ecstatic with Giants pick. Makes their job easy."
- ESPN's Wayne Drehs

"Tom Coughlin points out the need to cover so many 3-4 WR sets. Remember, last year veteran S Deon Grant(notes) was their nickelback, mostly."
-- Daily News' Ralph Vacciano

20. Tampa Bay: Adrian Clayborn(notes), DL (Iowa)

"I remember Clayborn's mom swaddling a sack of flour with a pic of her son's face on it. "Baby Adrian," she told me last year."

-- ESPN's Wayne Drehs

"Clayborn overcame some long odds to become a football player, let alone an NFL draft pick. Doctors did not want Clayborn to play contact sports in high school because of nerve damage suffered in his neck and right arm during the birthing process, a condition referred to as Erb's or brachial palsy."

-- St. Peterseburg Times' Rick Stroud

21. Cleveland (From Kansas City via Trade): Phil Taylor(notes), NT (Baylor)

"Browns fans: Phil Taylor really is the only true borderline elite 3-4 DT anchor in this whole draft."
ESPN's Chris Sprow

22. Indianapolis: Anthony Costanzo, OL (Boston College)

"Really smart. It took Polian about 4 seconds to make this pick after passing on Saffold last year."
-- SI's Peter King

"Colts take OT Anthony Castonzo(notes); He had no offers coming out of high school and went to Pork Union Academy; He's a bio-chemistry major and has aspirations to open up a cancer research center"
-- ESPN's Chris Mortensen

"Excellent pick by Bill Polian. And it appears Peyton Manning(notes) and Tom Brady(notes) now each have the left tackles for the rest of their careers."
-- NFL Network's Albert Breer

23. Philadelphia: Danny Watkins(notes), OL (Baylor)

"Firefighters at Radio City Music Hall giving Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins, a firefighter himself, a standing ovation."
-- ESPN's Adam Schefter

"In talking to NFL coaches, Baylor OL Danny Watkins (Eagles) was one of their favorite players in this draft. Played well vs. Von Miller."
-- ESPN's Chris Mortensen

"Watkins could be good, but for a franchise that likes to dump guys after 30, tough to explain picking a 26 year old."
--'s Sheil Kapadia

24. New Orleans: Cameron Jordan(notes), DE (California)

"Cameron Jordan offers a lot of value. And bloodlines. Dad Steve went to six straight Pro Bowls. More importantly, was in WWE."
-- ESPN's Chris Sprow

"Well the Saints went with a pass rusher, at least. Hard to pass up a guy initially pegged for the top five at No. 24 though."
-- Yahoo! Sports' Matt Hinton

"Cameron Jordan at 24 is the definition of value in the pick. steal for the saints"
-- ESPN's Trey Wingo

25. Seattle: James Carpenter(notes), OT (Alabama)

"Probably starting RT for 'Hawks, who obviously thought him better than Carimi. Surprising, obviously."
-- SI's Peter King

"Seattle goes with a bit of surprise taking Alabama's James Carpenter; All-SEC tackle last two years"
-- ESPN's Chris Mortensen

"Shock RT @fbgchase: Nick Saban's reaction to James Carpenter being selected = highlight of the night"
-- Smart Football's Chris Brown & Pro Football Reference's Chase Stuart

26. Chiefs (From Falcons Thorough Browns): Jonathan Baldwin, WR (Pittsburgh)

"Baltimore passes the 26th pick; KC chooses Jonathan Baldwin and Ravens Jimmy Smith(notes) with the 27th"
-- ESPN's Chris Mortensen

27. Ravens: Jimmy Smith, CB (Colorado)

"Ravens were ready to make a deal with the Bears, then Chicago balked and clock ran out, causing Baltimore to miss its turn."
-- Adam Schefter

"Given the leadership on the Ravens defense, could there be a better program for Jimmy Smith? Dude's elite."
-- ESPN's Chris Sprow

28. Saints (From New England via Trade): Mark Ingram(notes), RB (Alabama)

"Mark Ingram is a #saints player. Could this be the end of Reggie Bush(notes)!"
-- Boston Globe's Gregory H. Lee Jr.

"Can't believe Saints would deal 2+1 for Ingram with Ivory and Thomas already around."
-- Grantland's Bill Barnwell

"Touching acknowledgement by Ingram, about being taken 28th overall, same exact spot as his jailed father Mark got picked by Jints."
-- SI's Peter King

29. Chicago: Gabe Carimi(notes), OL (Wisconsin)

"Nice pick for Chicago with Gabe Carimi. This was a guy that some thought could be a top 10 pick one year ago."
-- Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson

30. New York Jets:

#Jets take DT Muhammad Wilkerson(notes). No doubt they need depth on the defensive line, especially inside. Lots of options there, though.
-- New York Times' Greg Bishop

"So, for the second straight year, appears as though the Jets take a Jersey product with their first-round pick."
-- Star-Ledger's Jenny Vrentas

"Hard to get fired up about a dude I've never heard of, but now that I'm aware of his existence, I like this Wilkerson dude"
-- Sports Nation Web Producer Gabe Goodwin

31. Pittsburgh: Cam Heyward, DT (Ohio State)

"IMO, he makes a Super Bowl team better. Hard worker, great effort, first-class person, and oh by the way, very talented."
-- Columbus Dispatch's Ken Gordon

32. Green Bay: Derek Sherrod(notes), (OL) Mississippi State

"Derek Sherrod's shoulders appear very broad. As he will use them to hurt people, I am okay with that."
-- SB Nation's Andy Hutchins

For more -- both from the first round and throughout the NFL Draft, along with all the other big topics every day -- check out Quickish for quick-hit commentary from all the best sources.

Analysis of the top 10 NFL Draft picks
1. Cam Newton -- Carolina Panthers
2. Von Miller -- Denver Broncos
3. Marcell Dareus -- Buffalo Bills
4. A.J. Green -- Cincinnati Bengals
5. Patrick Peterson -- Arizona Cardinals
6. Julio Jones -- Atlanta Falcons
7. Aldon Smith -- San Francisco 49ers
8. Jake Locker -- Tennessee Titans
9. Tyron Smith -- Dallas Cowboys
10. Blaine Gabbert -- Jacksonville Jaguars

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