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The NFL can work quickly when it wants to. Despite the Williams' boys still waiting to hear whether they will suspended for testing positive for a diuretic and Matt Jones continuing to roam the field despite being caught cutting up cocaine in his car this summer, the NFL is hyper-vigilant when it comes to jersey banning.

'Harris Smith', the nom de plume used by Plaxico Burress when he visited a New York City emergency room early Saturday morning, is already on the NFL's list of banned customizable jersey names. Jokesters who try to enter "SMITH 17" on and you get a terse message telling you to change your name. 

However, those with the slightest bit of creativity can get around the issue by typing in "H SMITH 17" or, my personal favorite, "SMITH 35". Add a decimal point in the middle of the three and five and, voila, you've got yourself a $100 joke that will only be funny the first time you wear it.

No word on whether Applebee's has banned applications from young men claiming to be Harris Smith.  

Thanks, Fanhouse.

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