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I'm not sure how a man named "Ravenstahl" got elected in Pittsburgh to begin with, but that is indeed the mayor's name. At least, it was.

In light of the big Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens matchup this weekend, mayor Luke R. Ravenstahl has officially changed his name to Luke R. Steelerstahl. The change is only temporary, but he's gone so far as to change the nameplate on his office door. He said he wants to "eliminate the Ravens just as the Steelers will on Sunday."

Clever, Mr. Mayor. I like the move. I like to see the stakes raised a little bit above than the usual "I'll bet you a Primanti brothers sandwich against some Baltimore crab cakes" type of deal that's typically made in these situations.

It's up to the mayor of Baltimore now to answer the call. The name Sheila Dixon might seem harmless, but check the depth charts. Dixon is the name of the Steelers third-string quarterback. Gasp! She better act quickly to change that to Sheila Bouman. Or Sheila MyHairIsSlightlyPrettierThanTroyPolamalu's.

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