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Officially, Brett Favre(notes) was inactive from Monday night's game against the New York Giants because of a shoulder injury. Unofficially, the streak-snapping might have had just as much to do with Favre's grotesquely purple throwing hand. 

Our friends over at SB Nation noticed that when Favre was talking to FOX's Pam Oliver before the game, his right hand, the one affected by the shoulder injury, happened to match the color of the Vikings jerseys: 

That's gross. Gunslinger? More like plumslinger. It looks like Woody Harrelson's wooden hand in "Kingpin" or something out of "The Walking Dead." That Favre was even considering playing with a hand that looked like Grimace's says all you need to know about the quarterback.

And that's something that's been forgotten during his often-comical, often-brilliant final few years. Because most fans now consider Favre to be a guy who didn't know when to quit, we forget that a streak of 297 consecutive starts is a mind-boggling physical achievement. The record Favre broke was 116 and he broke it back when Bill Clinton was president! Sure, Peyton Manning(notes) has also passed the 116 mark and now is over 200 straight games, but I have the feeling that Peyton never took the beating Favre did in the pocket.

Favre may be melodramatic and self-absorbed and like to set things in motion so he can ride in on his white horse and save the day. But, all that aside, he's still one tough guy. 

After the game, Favre talked about whether he'll get back on the field this season. "I won't play again if I can't feel my hand," he said. "I think it would be foolish to even consider playing if you don't have total feeling in five fingers."

Finally. The first good decision Brett Favre's made in a long, long time.

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