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Video: Packers’ A.J. Hawk gives middle finger after sack

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk(notes) made an obscene gesture after sacking St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford(notes) during Sunday's game at Lambeau Field.

Hawk tackled Bradford, looked toward his own sideline, made eye contact, pointed and then casually raised his middle finger. It was up for nearly two seconds before Hawk put it down. The gesture was caught by Fox television cameras but was ignored by the announcing crew. Officials also missed the crude insult. The NFL surely won't and Hawk can expect a hefty fine from the league office early this week.

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Lambeau Field was the same place where Randy Moss(notes) fake-mooned fans in 2005, leading to hyperbolic outrage from Fox announcer Joe Buck, who declared it one of the "most disgusting acts" he had ever seen. On Sunday, Chris Myers(notes) and Tim Ryan failed to comment on it as it happened, despite the images being aired live to fans across the country.

Later in the day, CBS showed a replay of Hawk's gesture with the finger blurred out. The network then went to commercial playing an unedited cut of the Kanye West song "Power," which included a 12-letter profanity. Oops.

But back to Hawk; if the Lambeau Leap is how Packers celebrate touchdowns, what will his middle finger be known as? The Bay Bird? The Packers Phlip? The Green Bay Gesture? And does his on-field rudeness instantly make Hawk a favorite to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles one day?

Hawk did have reason to celebrate. The sack was his first solo one in nearly two years. Plus, can you really blame a guy named Hawk for flipping a bird?

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