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Last week LeBron James made news after getting dunked on by a college player at a pick-up game and then confiscating tapes of the play. In my post about the unseen dunk on our college basketball blog, The Dagger, I wrote:

The dunk would have been a temporary embarrassment for LeBron. Let's say the video was put on YouTube. It blows up for a bit, dominates blogs for 36 hours, everyone has a good chuckle and then it's forgotten about.

Philip Rivers(notes), your 36 hours begin now.

In an incident eerily similar to LeBron's Dunkgate, the San Diego Chargers quarterback was schooled by a younger, less-experienced player during an activity at one of his camps. The only difference is, Rivers didn't send one of his lackeys to grab the tape of said incident to make sure it never saw the light of day. (Or he did and the lackey wasn't quick, or intimidating, enough to accomplish said task.)

Yahoo! Sports Video explains:

Somewhere, a single tear is falling down MJD's cheek.

A high school kid? Really, Philip? That's totally not brahsome.

Shoot, at least LeBron got dunked on by an NCAA basketball player. This kid -- Will Nunn is it? -- probably had to go home after the competition to practice vocabulary words for the SAT before taking the head cheerleader out for an early dinner at Applebee's. 

It should also be noted that unlike the old NFL quarterbacks challenges, the targets that Rivers threw at were stationary, making the tires like most of the receivers Rivers has thrown to over the years.

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