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When you saw the unfortunate news that Matt Leinart(notes) went down with a broken collarbone Sunday, were you thinking that the Texans would then call Brett Favre(notes) and ask him to come play quarterback for them?

No? You weren't? Well, Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated said you were, and I have no reason to believe you over him.

Also, BREAKING NEWS: Despite repeated imaginary inquiries from fans, the Houston Texans have confirmed that they will not make an effort to re-animate the body of Otto Graham and start him in Week 13 against the Falcons.

Judging only by my own lack of Favre contemplation, and the surprised reactions of Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison(notes) at the mention of Favre, I can only guess that not everyone was going to ask about Favre becoming a Texan. I'm certain it would've never crossed my mind. Favre has been King's go-to story for years, though, and I guess he's not ready to let go.

Maybe he'll find it easier now that Patrick, Dungy and Harrison pretty openly mocked him. I'm not certain of the voices, but someone asks, "Who's asking that?" about the Favre comeback, and someone else asks Peter, "Did you make that up?"

You can probably answer that for yourself.

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