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Anyone waiting on the news that Marvin Harrison(notes) has resurfaced and signed on with some team as a stabilizing veteran influence can apparently stop holding their breath. Marvin's done, and he's not coming back, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

PK Twitter'd the following in response to a fellow named tonybmove:

I've been told reliably that Marvin Harrison's not playing any more. Knee hurts. Can't get healthy like the old Marvin.

As far as I know, Harrison hasn't officially filed retirement papers with the league, so I guess anything could still happen. But if this is curtains for Marvin Harrison, it seems about right. His career is going to end with ... nothing, really. No press conference, no announcement, no special segment on "SportsCenter." Just 140 characters or less from Peter King in the middle of Wednesday afternoon.

That would be the Marvin Harrison way to do things. Despite any other trouble he encountered late in his career, Marvin never wanted or needed anybody's attention. He did his job, did it better than just about anyone else in the history of the NFL, and went home. I don't know if that's a virtue, or just one of the different ways a guy can choose to live as an NFL superstar, but I can't think of any other high-profile player who was as anti-spotlight as Harrison.

Gracias, The Huddle.

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