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Lest you think that Pennsylvania's Greene County has any affiliation with the Green Bay Packers, the state's southwestern-most district has plans to change its name to "Black and Gold County" during Super Bowl week, according to the Observer-Reporter.

County commissioners will vote on the resolution on Wednesday but it's expected to pass, according to commissioner chair Pam Snyder. Before that happens, hopefully nobody will remind them that their county isn't spelled the same way as the Packers' home city and that gold is also one of the Packers' official colors.

This isn't as bad as the time that the mayor of Washington, Pa., temporarily renamed the city "Steelers" because the team was playing the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL (because the Seahawks play in Washington) or Mayor Luke Ravenstahl changed his name to Luke Steelerstahl before a game against Baltimore.  

It's a wonder the city council isn't proposing bans on leaping, expelling all people named "Aaron" or "Roger," and blacking out HBO every time that Vince Lombardi documentary airs.

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