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It's a tale as old as time. Girl becomes youngest cheerleader in history. Girl partakes in some underage drinking and writes anti-Semitic remarks and references to male genitalia with a magic marker on a passed out friend. Picture of said incident gets posted on Facebook. NFL squad boots girl from team.

Pictures of 18-year old Caitlin Davis posing provocatively over a passed out friend with graffiti covering her upper-half appeared on a NSFW website and was subsequently picked up by Deadspin on Monday. (You can view the pictures here.) Yesterday, the New England Patriots dismissed Davis

Considering she worked for the Patriots, it's a wonder the whole incident wasn't videotaped.

In a statement to TMZ (hopefully that's the last time those words ever get typed by these fingers), Davis said the guy in the picture dressed up for Halloween as "a drunk guy who passed out and was written on" and that she only got involved after he had lived up to his costume and literally became a drunk guy who passed out. How meta. Why the pen was is in her hand, obviously, isn't mentioned. And she's also not in a Halloween costume, unless she was going as "college student soon to be fired from her cheerleading gig". 

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