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Page Six: Mark Sanchez had multiple nighttime ‘trysts’ in NY hotelNew York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez made the gossip pages of the New York tabloids this week with a Page Six exclusive about his "trysts" with two different women in a Manhattan hotel. Excerpts from The New York Post story, headlined "Sanchez hits end zone twice" [nice work, NYP] is in bold. Our commentary appears below.

Derek Jeter, take note! Mark Sanchez made the most of his timeouts by romancing not one, but two women within a few hours at the Moderne Hotel on West 55th Street, sources say.

Two women in a few hours? That's what Jeter calls a "slow day." It's also a little strange that Sanchez was so prolific. Usually he struggles when faced with double coverages.

The handsome New York Jets quarterback, who led his team to a 37-10 rout of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, was spotted with a beautiful brunette checking into the hotel at about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

See, mom? Something good can happen after 2 a.m..

A witness reports Sanchez's companion was "a Spanish-looking brunette." She was seen leaving the Moderne at 8:30 a.m., when a chivalrous Sanchez walked her downstairs. Our source told us, "He was dead-sober and very polite, said goodbye, and he went right upstairs."

We get a guess at the woman's ethnicity, a judgment on Manchez's inebriation and a declaration of his good manners. Yet nothing on whether he called her a car service, flagged her down a taxi or gave her a pat on the rear and sent her on her way, just like he does to Plaxico Burress after he catches a pass? For shame, Page Six writers!

But just two hours later, after Sanchez ordered room service for himself, a pretty blonde came to the Moderne to join him at about 10:45 a.m. and went up to his room. But the tryst didn't last long — Sanchez and the woman left the hotel 45 minutes later.

Forty-five minutes isn't lasting long? On game days, that's enough time for Sanchez to throw a half-dozen balls at the feet of his receivers!

"He called at 11:30 for a car service to Jersey, and they both came down about 15 minutes later and left separately," our source told us. The usually dapper Sanchez — who was wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, vest and hat — walked out hurriedly, but politely.

If it wasn't this Taco Bell hat, color me disappointed.

The Post this week revealed how Yankee captain Jeter gives his conquests signed baseballs as a parting gift, but it is not known if Sanchez's ladies scored a team memento.

There's nothing wrong with a quarterback leaving ladies without a memento. Just ask the ones who used to pal around with Michael Vick.

Staff at the Moderne declined to comment.

Except for the one who tipped off Page Six about this whole story.

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