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The last time the Green Bay Packers wore the uniform design seen above, Herbert Hoover was president, the Empire State Building was under construction and Mickey Mouse had just made his cartoon debut. 

On Sunday, the Packers honored the team's first-ever NFL championship in 1929 by wearing throwback jerseys from that season. The navy blue jerseys with a yellow, bullseye-number, khaki pants and brown helmets (meant to resemble the leather helmets of the era) are a different look for Green Bay, who usually don jerseys of green and gold.

Uni Watch, the internet's definitive sports uniform website, points out that the actual 1929 jerseys had a smaller yellow bullseye, but that the Packers had to enlarge it on the throwbacks in order to conform to current NFL regulations. And, of course, back during the Depression there weren't fancy plastic helmets with protective facemasks, names on the backs of jerseys or players earning more than a few dollars. The Reebok logo also didn't figure prominently on the outfits from 80 years ago. Still, these are as faithful a replica as the Packers could make and I think they look pretty great.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes) (pictured) doesn't seem to agree. "Since I got here I've been hoping for a throwback uniform game," he told FOX-11 in Wisconsin. "You know, these are not what I was expecting but I am excited to be in the throwbacks this weekend." (I hope Rodgers has better tact when his girlfriend asks him whether she looks good in a pair of jeans.)

So far, the Packers have done the 1929 team proud. They lead the San Francisco 49ers 14-13 at halftime.

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