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When Super Bowl XLV kicks off at 5:29 p.m. local time on Sunday, there shouldn't be too many empty seats at Cowboys Stadium. Cullen Jenkins(notes) will be hoping there's none at all.

The Green Bay Packers defensive end is leaving a ticket to the game for his missing father, Darome, whom he hasn't spoken to since Christmas. Neither Cullen nor his older brother Kris, a star defender on the New York Jets, have heard from their dad since he traveled to his home in Hawaii at the end of last year.

Darome raised the boys by himself since Cullen was 10-months-old. The seven-year veteran doesn't like talking about the circumstances that led to his mother's departure. He was also understandably reluctant to discuss his father's disappearance when it was first brought up at Tuesday's media day. said he "politely answered more questions about it" Wednesday at the team hotel:

"He went out to Hawaii," he said, "and we haven't heard from him since he went out there. It's been a little over a month." [...]

"Obviously, you're concerned for his safety, concerned about how he is, his state, everything. We've just got to wait and let it play itself out. There's nothing much I can do from right here."

Though his father has a house in Hawaii, it's rare for him to go so long without contacting his family, Jenkins said.

The seven-year veteran hasn't decided whether he'll leave his father's ticket with another family member attending the game or place it at the will-call window at Cowboys Stadium. Here's hoping it goes to use on Sunday.

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