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A couple of boys in the Pittsburgh area were involved in a friendly game of backyard football when the pigskin got away from them. It rolled down near a wooded area, and when one lad went to retrieve it, some grumpy, child-hating deer attacked him in a Joey Porter(notes)-like fit of rage.

Here's the news report from KDKA in Pittsburgh.

The kid only suffered a little bruising, and, as the video notes, he's fine now. In fact, I'd argue that he's even better than he was before, because now he knows he's got a friend that has his back.

Seriously, a nine-year-old boy picks up a stick and starts clubbing a crazed deer? That kid is awesome. He can be on my team any day. Bring the stick, young man. We've got a defensive line to get through.

Gracias, Second-String Fullback.

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