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Handsome Tom was courtside at the Celtics Game Seven triumph over the Cleveland LeBrons yesterday, and on his head rested a San Francisco Giants hat. It's not nearly as scandalous as the time he donned a Yankees cap, but this time of year, there's no bit of news too small to examine.

Possible explanations:

• The Giants, of course, were the long-time employers of Barry Bonds, who was just hit with 15 charges of perjury. And with Spygate dominating the sports headlines recently, Tom wanted to show solidarity among dirty, dirty cheaters in sports.

• Tom is enthralled at the height of basketball players, and roots especially for the really tall ones. Go giants.

• Tom will do anything to get young white children to gaze at him in amazement, and if that means a gaudy bracelet and the hat of a terrible west coast baseball team while attending an east coast basketball game, then so be it.

• Tom is from the Bay Area in California, has probably been a lifelong Giants fan, and being Tom Brady, can wear whatever he damn well pleases. It's still less embarrassing than the people who wear Red Sox jerseys to the most important game the Celtics have played in five years.

I like that last option the best.

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