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Another week, another podcast, and another Terrel Owens discussion. At some point, I'm going to have to write the man a thank-you note for providing all the blog material.

Pacman Jones is my favorite subject, though, as Danks and I are split on whether or not he'll play in 2009. I think he will, and I think it'll be a good decision for whatever team picks him up, but Danks is mean, unforgiving, and has a heart made of coal. He's also probably right.

And, as always, we hit the mailbag and take your questions, which, this week, deal with Kurt Warner and Jay Cutler. I also read an inspired and absurdly profane bit of hate mail I got this week from a fan of the Offseason Champion Washington Redskins., so you won't want to miss that. And we close again with what really grinds our gears ... Danks talks about the pity we're all forced to take on the Detroit Lions, and I offer a meager tribute to 15 seasons of ER (which was marvelous last night).

Thanks for downloading, thanks for listening, and again, should you have a question you'd like us to address, the Shutdown Corner voicemail hotline is at (304) 933-4488.

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