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Ole Miss fans want to hire Peyton Manning as head coachArchie Manning, he of the loins who spawned Peyton and Eli, is the co-chairman of the search committee for the next head coach for the Ole Miss Rebels, a semi-pro team in a league called the SEC.

Some Rebs fans want Archie to go nepotistic with the search, and hire his son Peyton. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

"I've gotten about 20 or 25 e-mails from people in that regard," said the elder Manning, who was in town Monday night to speak to the Touchdown Club of Memphis. "I passed that on to Peyton. He said, 'Just tell them that I'm 0-10 as an assistant for Indianapolis.'"

True, but his experience on the sidelines with the 2011 Colts has given him a chance to experience a losing culture. That might come in handy at Ole Miss.

Peyton isn't finished as an NFL player, though. He obviously still wants to compete. The problems in his neck are so bad that he won't play at all this season, but there he was, just a week or two before the season started, unwilling to admit that he wasn't going to play. If there's a way back to the field -- and given enough time, there probably is -- he'll find it.

As for Eli, he's actually an Ole Miss alum, so while Peyton at least passed on a few suggestions to papa Archie, surely Eli has been even more proactive. Here's Archie on Eli's contribution to the search:

"Eli just said, 'Get a good one.'"

Sounds about right.

The current guy, Houston Nutt, has been told that he'll be let go at the end of the season, and he's lost his last two games to Kentucky and Louisiana Tech by a combined score of 57-20. Perhaps he'll be a candidate for the upcoming vacancy in Miami.

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