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After writing about Chad Ochocinco comparing Michael Jackson's death to 9/11, I vowed to never again mention the egomaniacal receiver's Twitter page. That lasted two weeks, or about as long as my earlier resolution to stop writing about Brett Favre(notes). (Training camp can't get here soon enough.)

Earlier this week, Mr. Ochocinco (I can't wait until the New York Times has to refer to him as that) announced that he would be Twittering from the sideline during regular season games. Judging from his usual output, I'm guessing the updates would have looked something like this:

Where's the orange g8orade???? This lemon flavor is hella weak. OC out.

@antzo9 haha, right?

My agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is eating nachos in the first row. LOL! What other agent would do that? He's the best!

Sadly, the NFL has pre-emptively warned Ochocinco that use of a cell phone during a game is strictly prohibited. Thus, Ochocinco's in-game tweets will be like the finale to Mozart's Requiem or Ralph Ellison's follow-up to Invisible Man: The world can only wonder at the greatness that will never be.

Ochocinco is trying to be defiant, writing Tweets like:

Damn NFL and these rules, I am going by my own set of rules, I ain't hurting nobody or getting in trouble, I am putting my foot down!!

Question? If I tweet during the game and they suspend me, would I get paid during my suspension since it's not a legal issue?

This is just posturing. Ochocinco is many things, but he's not stupid. With the NFL already releasing a statement about this, I'd imagine that any fine for Ochocinco Twittering during games would be quite hefty.

Of course, there's no rule that somebody else can't update Ochocinco's page during a game. So, @ogochocinco, there's an idea. I'm sure Drew Rosenhaus would gladly wait in the stands for you to give him a message, which he would then post on your Twitter page.

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