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Late in the New York Jets' mud-stomping of the Raiders yesterday, CBS cameras caught Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez(notes) on the bench, trying not to be noticed while eating a hot dog. Mustard packet in his right hand, hot dog in his left, Sanchez tried very hard to keep his mid-game dining a secret. No dice, though. (Click on the photo at right to see the video.)

Sanchez -- as he explains in the video below -- had been ill and unable to eat much in the week leading up to the game. To my knowledge, no one chastised him for having the snack -- not yesterday when it happened, and not today in the media -- but he still apologized immediately. I think his biggest concern was probably the perception that he was showing up the Raiders; making the statement that, "Hey, beating the Raiders is so easy that I can do it while scarfing down some delicious wieners." He obviously wants nothing to do with that kind of image.

I would doubt that any chastising would come from his head coach. Since taking the job, Rex Ryan hasn't been afraid to trash talk anyone. If anything, Ryan would have probably rather seen Sanchez eat the hot dog while standing in the pocket, the Raiders pass rush making a futile effort to get near him.

Whether it was necessary or not, here was Sanchez's postgame apology:

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