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Photoshopping Michael Vick(notes) is all the rage these days. Apparently, he needs a new race, a new age, or both. Here's the back cover of Tuesday's New York Post:

New York Post cover depicts Michael Vick as a baby

The article the cover references is this one, with quotes from a bunch of Giants about how they believed their hits on Vick were perfectly clean. Of course they do.

Vick, as you'll recall, voiced some displeasure with how officials called the Eagles' loss to the Giants on Sunday. He wondered why hits on him didn't draw the same 15-yard penalties they draw when administered to other quarterbacks.

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Vick was careful to say he wasn't complaining (just as he finished complaining), but as the Post so aptly illustrates, people were going to take his comments as whining, no matter what he said. He pointed a finger at officials, and that makes him, especially to people who are fans of rival teams like the Giants, a crybaby. Hence the Photoshop.

What do you think? Does Vick have a viable complaint? Do other quarterbacks get more calls? Do you have a problem with the New York Post depicting him as a baby? Let us know in the comments.

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