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UPDATE IV: Taylor's lawyer denies everything, and police say Taylor was very cooperative through the whole ordeal. Ramapo police say there's no evidence suggesting that Taylor's the one who caused the injuries to the girl. Another man, Rasheed Davis, 36, was also arrested and he is believed to have driven the girl to Taylor's hotel room and forced her to have sex with him. The official charges against Taylor are soliciting a prostitute and third-degree rape. In the state of New York, it's considered third degree rape when a person over the age of 21 has sex with someone under the age of 17.

UPDATE III: Another TMZ story quotes Taylor's wife as saying that this is all a set-up. She's not exactly an unbiased observer, but still, I don't think we can completely shut out the "set-up" theory. This is all really weird.

UPDATE II: The AP report says that Taylor has not been formally charged.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that police have found a condom in the hotel room where the alleged attack took place. They say the girl is 16 years old and was reported as a "runaway" a couple of months ago. Also according to the TMZ report, the girl had a pimp who was arrested, and she also had a "fresh" black eye, though it's not clear who gave it to her.


According to, legendary New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor has been arrested and charged with raping a 15-year-old girl in Ramapo, NY.

The news is just breaking and details vary at the moment. A text alert from ESPN said that Taylor was arrested, but not yet charged, and they make no mention of the age of the girl. The report says that Taylor has indeed been charged, and provides a couple more details:

He was charged with third-degree rape, a charge that involves having intercourse with a minor. The victim was reportedly beaten during the attack.

The crime took place at the Holiday Inn of Suffern, located in Montebello, according to Ramapo police Detective Lt. Brad Weidel.

Taylor, of course, does not have a squeaky-clean image and has been in trouble with the law before. He tested positive for cocaine in 1987 and has been arrested twice for trying to buy drugs from undercover cops.

Obviously, we all hope the allegations aren't true, and we'll keep you updated if more details come to light.

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