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I'd like to list a bunch of reasons here why you should watch the NFL game instead of the World Series on Monday night, but the Jaguars are involved, the Series is 2-2 and that makes it a tough sell. Blaine Gabbert(notes), yay?

Would it help if I promised updates from the baseball game, too? We can incorporate those. Maybe we'll even throw in some Pan-Am games, or Monday Night Raw. Or maybe this will turn out to be an entertaining and legendary game. I'm going to find a way to squeeze some entertaining out of Joe Flacco(notes) and Blaine Gabbert if it kills me.

We'll be here throughout the game with running commentary, observations, insights, polls, blatant lies and a high level of interactivity with you, our beloved reader.

We'll get it started a few minutes before kickoff. Ed Reed's(notes) beard will be there. Will you?

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