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Troy got the nod over Alex in this week's Smith vs. Smith 49ers quarterback drama. That doesn't mean he's Mike Singletary's favorite person, though.

Check out this fiery encounter between the two from Sunday's loss to the Rams.

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Whether or not the above exchange was positive or negative for the 49ers, it's not good for Singletary. When you get in shouting matches with a player and then they perform, you're a stern, commanding general. When you're in a shouting match and a player doesn't perform, you're losing control of your team. That's the perception, and for a coach's employment status, that's everything.

Here's how Singletary addressed the exchange after the game:

"I put it like this. Troy's a passionate guy. The way he responded is fine. He's frustrated, I'm frustrated. We're both trying to get something to happen on the field."

"I don't really know about coaching etiquette. I'm sure there's a right way and there's a wrong way, and in today's life there are many different rules for being politically correct. All I know is, I was trying to win a football game."

For the record, I don't think anything that happened there was bad for the 49ers (aside from the interception, of course). It's an emotional game, and emotional things happen. I don't think any relationships were fractured there.

By the way, what exactly is Ted Ginn trying to accomplish? I'm pretty sure the words "Walk by and repeatedly shove a towel in an angry man's face" don't appear in any respected manuals on conflict resolution.

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