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Mike Shanahan saved the Cowboys from a 15-yard penalty in OTThe Cowboys came away with a huge win on Sunday, beating the Redskins in overtime with a field goal. It turns out that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had a hand in helping the rival Cowboys take the game.

In overtime, the Cowboys were lined up for a the 39-yard field goal. Tony Romo(notes) called for a timeout, but Dallas had already used both the timeouts allotted to a team in overtime. The Cowboys would have been penalized 15 yards, if it weren't for the fact that Shanahan called a timeout at the exact same time. Washington got their timeout, and then Dan Bailey(notes) kicked a 39-yard field goal to clinch the game for Dallas.

"I think we were out of timeouts,'' Romo said. "I noticed that after the fact. And I guess you get two timeouts in overtime, not three. The clock was running down there. I was trying to stop it there with one second but they helped us out.''

Whoops. Luckily for Romo, it was a lesson that he did not have to learn the hard way, or his name would have been mentioned with Chris Webber's for the rest of his career. The Cowboys may want to consider sending Shanahan a thank you gift Monday morning.

Bailey's kick was barely good from 39 yards, and that penalty could have sunk the Cowboys' chance to win the game. Shanahan's timeout was supposed to ice the kicker, but it managed to ice the game for Dallas.

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