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The 1-3 Seattle Seahawks are ranked 22nd in the NFL in total yards per game. They're 28th in the league in passing yards per game (which is downright astounding, given how often the Seahawks are trailing and have to throw to catch up). And they're 27th in total defense, too.

Given these shocking statistics, one might ask themselves, "How the hell did the Seahawks ever win one game?" Answer:  They played the Rams.

And in what might be the worst sign of all, Matt Hasselbeck ranks 28th in the NFL in quarterback rating, slumming at the bottom of the list with Gus Frerotte, JaMarcus Russell, Derek Anderson, and Tyler Thigpen

That's embarrassing. Matt Hasselbeck is an excellent player. That the cast around him won't allow him to clearly rise above the level of Tyler Thigpen should have everyone calling in to Dr. Frazier Crane every afternoon looking for personal guidance.

Mike Holmgren is tired of the excuses. He lit up his team yesterday.

“He’s definitely tense, there’s no doubt about that,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said in a conference call to reporters in Green Bay. “Mike got up today and really laid into the offense. I mean, he gave it to us hard today.

“That was tough to take.”

It probably was. But not as tough, I'm guessing, as this being your last year has head coach in Seattle and having to look up to find Arizona and San Francisco in the standings. The Seahawks are the worst team in that division. That is, if you don't count the Rams as an NFL franchise, and you probably shouldn't.

This is a Seahawks team picked by some to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. And I know injuries have played a part, and that's unfortunate, but ... against the real NFL teams they've played, they've given up 34 (Buffalo), 33 (San Francisco), and 44 (the Giants) points. It's not all injury responsible for this.

We'll see how they respond this week against Green Bay. It might be a "now or never" sort of proposition for them.

Oh, and I never mention coaching rants without linking to this masterpiece of motivation (naughty language there, but it's delivered in such a precise and appropriate fashion that I consider it an artform). If Mike Holmgren even approached that level, I expect the Seahawks to go on a 7-game winning streak.

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