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That image rehabilitation that Michael Vick's(notes) been working on? Apparently, it's not going so well.

A company called HCD Research did a study on the perceived likeability, believability and sincerity of celebrities in the news in 2009, and the results aren't encouraging for Vick. In fact, the only person less likeable than Vick is the guy who may have used the death of his beloved son as a way to promote his own record company.

Among those who are ahead of Vick in the likeability poll: Chris Brown, who clubbed his then-girlfriend, Simon Cowell, who yells at people for a living, and George W. Bush, who left office with an approval rating of 22 percent.

Joe Jackson and Vick are also the bottom two on the believability and sincerity ratings.

I didn't think things were that bad for Vick. I mean, I realized that he wouldn't be high on the list or approach the popularity of Randy Jackson (whose autograph I have on a samurai sword), but goodness, Chris Brown is ahead of him by a full point. That's not good.

I guess image rehab of that magnitude takes time, if it's even possible. Keep plugging away, Mike.

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