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Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin says he recently avoided a carjacking because his would-be robbers recognized him.


Michael Irvin said he was driving to the gym when robbers pulled alongside him and flashed a gun at him along Marsh Lane near the Bush turnpike at about 9 p.m.

Irvin, who was driving a new, white Range Rover, said a truck followed him to a stoplight.

"I was looking in my rearview, and I saw this black truck flying up behind me," he said.

The passenger rolled down his window and pointed a gun at him. Irvin said his work on the field may have saved his life -- because the would-be carjacker recognized him.

"He put it away, because he recognized me. He said, 'Hey, Mike Irvin, what's up? Mike Irving, man, we are big Cowboy fans,'" Irvin said.

So I guess Pacman Jones is back in Dallas?

While it's great news that Michael Irvin is safe and with Range Rover, I have to say, something about this story sounds a little off. Clearly Michael Irvin is a paragon of virtue and would never feel the need to embellish anything. But a few of this story's details (carjackers that pull up to stop lights and attempt to carjack from the passenger seat of another vehicle, armed men stopping "for a few minutes" to talk to would-be robbery targets at a stop light at 9 p.m.) seem a little too neat and tidy.

And it's a good thing it wasn't T.O. that was at the stop light. Who knows what would have happened if the jackers had been fans of Cris Carter.

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