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Quick: Over the last seven years, what human being on the planet was in the least danger of ever having to work during an NFL Playoff Saturday?

Answer: Matt Millen.

But 2009 is a new year, and Millen has already landed a new job. He's with NBC's Football Night in America, a show that's doing its best to help with America's unemployment problem.

Of the seven-member studio team, Cris Collinsworth is in the booth in Arizona, and Tiki Barber's out there doing sideline work. I guess Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann don't work Saturdays, and Peter King is busy petitioning the league to allow Brett Favre to play all-time quarterback in every 2009 playoff game.

That left Bob Costas and Jerome Bettis to handle studio duty, and since those five minutes or so couldn't have possibly been filled by two guys, we've got Matt Millen today. Maybe Jerome Bettis ought to take that as a hint.

Oddly enough, outside of Collinsworth, Millen is probably the best analyst of the bunch. Before he was hired to run the Detroit Lions franchise, Millen actually called a pretty good game. He worked with CBS, Westwood One radio, and was the number two guy at FOX behind John Madden. He was good enough, in fact, that he was able to convince someone to give him complete control over a franchise, and at the time, no one really thought it was a bad idea.

And then he went 31-97 as a head coach, and no one was quite sure how he ever won 31.

You've gotta remember, though, Millen was a pretty great football player, and he does know what's happening on a football field. The best thing he's got going for him is that the job of professional football commentator doesn't come with a comments section. If it did, I doubt he could do the job.

He is qualified to do this. Now, I honestly believe that you could take any random homeless guy, and they'd manage a better record than 31-97 as an NFL GM, however .. that doesn't mean that guy knows more about football than Millen.

I absolutely wouldn't mind seeing him get back in the booth sooner than later. Matt Millen can break down for me what's going on between the trenches. As long as he doesn't talk about personnel decisions a team should make, he'd be golden.

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