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Oh, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, you are a clever little devil.

The governors of Maryland and Indiana made one of those silly little bets before the Colts vs. Ravens playoff game. Making this one less silly, though, was some added trash talk. In the end, the wager ended up looking like this:

Ravens win: Governor Daniels sends Governor O'Malley something called an Old Fashioned Sugar Cream Pie, and of course, one of those famous Midwestern shrimp cocktails. Also, Indiana governor Daniels has to display a Ravens flag on his car.

Colts win: Governor O'Malley sends Governor Mitch Daniels crab cakes, and something called Maryland Smith Island Cake. Also, Maryland governor O'Malley would have to display a Colts flag on his car.

Of course, the Colts won. And Governor Daniels did get his food. About displaying that flag on his car, though ...

Part of the wager called for the losing governor to put the opponent's flag on his vehicle, and a pennant with a Colts logo could be seen attached to O'Malley's vehicle next to the statehouse Wednesday.

But closer inspection revealed that O'Malley had attached an old Baltimore Colts pennant on his vehicle, rather than an Indianapolis Colts flag.

Still not over that "Colts leaving in the middle of the night" thing, huh?

It's a clever little attempt to get out of the bet, and I like the way you think, Governor. But come on, a bet's a bet. You lost. Take your medicine. For your attempted chicanery, in fact, I think you should be penalized even further. Wear this at your next five public appearances.

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