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Years of watching Redskins football on FOX has convinced me and my friends of one, incontrovertible fact: that annoying FOX robot, Cletus, had to be modeled on linebacker Marcus Washington.

In between every timeout and after evey play (no matter if he made it or not), Washington would perform a dance that was one-part hop, one-part bounce and all parts stupid-looking. Take a look:

Now, here's Cletus:

After you watch, go ahead and hit play at the same time. The dancing syncs-up like Dark Side of the Rainbow. If dance moves could be patented, Marcus Washington would be able to sue FOX for a few million of Rupert Murdoch's cash. Don't tell me you don't see it. (And, yes, Marcus did come first.)

We mention this today because the Redskins cut Marcus Washington. When I talked to my friend Ben about the move his first response was, "does that mean the FOX robot is gone too?" We can only hope, Benjamin. We can only hope.

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